Best Nursing Scholarship Resources

If you are considering a nursing career, I congratulate you on a wise choice. The employment opportunities for registered nurses are expanding. New roles and specialties are being realized and the demand for healthcare services is increasing. Whether you are considering nursing as a second career or you are early in your working life and considering your college options you will still face one large issue – How to pay for your nursing education?

How to Search for a Nursing Scholarship

Being admitted to a nursing program is one of the most exciting times in a student’s life. That excitement is quickly replaced by questions of how to afford continued learning. There’s no question that nursing school is expensive. Tuition and program costs add up. But continuing your education does not have to put you into thousands of dollars in student debt.

Try These Topics for Your Nursing Research

As a starting point to identify your area of interest, the concepts of person, nursing, health, and environment (known as the meta-paradigm of nursing) are broad areas. From each concept, a researcher can drill down to a specific patient population, specialty of nursing, category of health care problem or particular context.