The CCI Research Foundation’s 2019 Grant Recipients

Traditionally, numerous factors have limited the advancement of perioperative nursing research. These challenges have included the lack of a core group of researchers, a sustained funding source, and the necessary support system in place to develop perioperative researchers. The CCI Research Foundation was established in 2018 to address these limiting factors and act as an avenue for advancing the quality of patient care and contribute to the science of perioperative nursing practice through research. The Foundation focuses on five different funding priorities: nursing education and certification, nurse practice, nurse performance, management and leadership, and organizational climate.

The Foundation received many excellent grant proposals during the 2019 inaugural year, and the selection process was quite competitive. We are pleased to announce that six projects received funding this past year:

The Association of Nurse Perceived Stress, Burnout, and a Novel Biomarker Telomere Length
Principal Investigator: Holly Wei, Ph.D., RN

The long-term goal of this study is to design and implement interventions to promote perioperative nurses’ health; thus, stabilizing the nurse workforce and patient quality. Throughout this study, Dr. Wei and her team will address the following objectives. First, the perceived prevalence of stress and burnout among perioperative nurses. Second, the relationship between nurse perceived stress and burnout and perceived quality of patient care. Finally, the association between nurse perceived stress and burnout, and a genomic chronic stress biomarker telomere length.

A Mentoring Intervention for New Perioperative Nurse Leaders on e-Leadership and the Use of Information and Communication Technology
Principal Investigator: Tara Sharpp, Ph.D., RN, BSN, PHN

The focus of this mixed-method intervention study is to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational intervention based on the principles of e-Leadership designed to support and improve the use of ICT among new perioperative nurse leaders. Dr. Sharpp and her team are determined to answer the guiding question: How can a mentoring educational intervention for new perioperative nurse leaders, covering how to use ICT, help organizations advance the safety and quality of surgical care?

Does Antisepsis Protocol Decrease Surgical Site Infections in Young Children?
Principal Investigator: Valerie Lapp, Ph.D., RN, MSN-Ed, NEA-BC, CPN

Surgical site infections, SSI, occur at the site of surgery and can be detrimental to patients. Dr. Lapp and her team are concentrating on determining if an expanded complete antisepsis protocol decreases surgical site infections in pediatric patients’, ages 2 – 11 years old.

Identifying Transfer of Care Gaps: Electronic Health Record Capture of Handoff Communications
Principal Investigator: Sharon Giarrizzo-Wilson, Ph.D. (c), MS, RN-BC, CNOR

This research was established on the premise that the electronic health record (EHR) reflects the medical model of problem-oriented charting (Jacobs, 2009; Weed, 1968; Weed & Weed, 1999). Dr. Giarrizzo and her team are exploring whether all essential patient care information was captured in the HER after being verbally transferred during the nursing handoff between Operating Room (OR) to Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).

Proposal to Evaluate the Association between MISSCARE Survey OR and Intermediate Perioperative Nursing Outcomes in Credentialed CNOR’s
Principal Investigator: AkkeNeel Talsma, Ph.D., RN, FAAN

This proposed mixed-method study has three primary objectives. First, to identify intermediate outcomes that are pertinent to perioperative nurses. Second, to obtain a baseline measurement of the CNOR nurse regarding the prevalence of self-reported missing items. Finally, to evaluate the association between self-reported missed care and perioperative nursing outcomes.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery with Transversus Abdominis Plane Blocks in Bariatric Surgery Patients
Principal Investigator: Leslie Barkley RN, Ph.D. (c), CNS-BC, CAPA, CMSRN

The purpose of this study is to examine the efficacy of preoperative TAP blocks relative to standard intravenous analgesia (usual care) in reducing total morphine milliequivalents (opioid use) throughout the perioperative continuum of care among a sample of bariatric surgery patients. The hypothesis of this dissertation study is: Patients receiving a preoperative TAP block before metabolic and bariatric surgery will have lower pain scores, decreased opioid use throughout the perioperative continuum of care, and overall hospital length of stay compared to patients receiving usual care.

Each of these projects strives to advance the quality of patient care and significantly impact the science of perioperative nursing through research. Grant funding is often essential to ensure that each research team can complete their project successfully. The CCI Research Foundation is proud to support the advancement of perioperative research.

Applications for the 2020 CCI Research Foundation funding cycle are now open. If you have a research topic that aligns with one of the key funding priorities, submit your grant application today!