Top 5 Resources for Grant Writing

Finding grant writing resources doesn’t have to be hard.

These simple tips will get you started.

You spent your time asking questions and seeking solutions to problems. You’ve finally landed on a great idea for a project, but must now get funding to begin the work. The good news is that giving is booming! There’s billions of dollars in public and private sector funding. The not so good news is there’s no shortage of ideas or worthy projects competing for these funds.

The decision whether a project is funded, or not, most often rests with the quality of the application. Don’t be discouraged, as you are not alone in your quest to navigate this process. Though your project may be “rocket science,” the actual process of grant writing is not. Effective grant writing is a learned skill. There are many resources available to assist you. Here are five I happen to like.

People Resources

There’s no substitute for the advice of colleagues, instructors, advisors, and mentors. Start here first. As members of the same tribe; their advice may prove to be quite valuable in helping you to avoid mistakes. There may even be someone who has also applied for a similar type of grant and can tell you what to expect. It’s also a good idea to have a respected colleague, not involved with your proposal, to review before you submit. If possible, seek the opinions of other researchers in your network, and ask for feedback about your proposal’s hypothesis, method, and approach.

Institutional Grant Offices

Usually found at colleges and universities, and called “Office of Sponsored Research” or “Office of Research Administration,” these are great places to seek general guidance and information about all aspects of a grant’s lifecycle. Here you can learn how to structure your proposal and develop your project budget. Find out what reviewers want, and about the post award process. There you’re also likely to find announcements, application proposal requests, and previous awardees. Many institutional grant offices also offer ongoing training on common grant-related topics.

The US government is one of the primary funders of research and innovation across all industries. Although not specific to healthcare research, this site provides an all-encompassing guide to federal grantmaking. It also contains a comprehensive Grants Learning Center with a glossary of grant terminology of particular use.

Looking for funding for your perioperative nursing project? Learn more about CCI Research Foundation and will award over $130,000 in grants for key funding priorities apply to receive up to $100k in grant awards.

National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR)

This division of the National Institute of Health (NIH) devotes itself to the improvement of health through nursing research. It provides an outstanding assortment of grant education resources. Their online training series, “Early Career Grantsmanship” consist of seven modules, including one specific to Writing a Successful Grant Application. The series contains videos and downloadable presentations. The NINR also offers a Grant Development & Management Resource Center.

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)

AHRQ’s mission is to make healthcare safe, accessible, fair, and affordable. They are continuously engaged in funding research. As such, they provide a wealth of educational resources to assist prospective applicants and grant writers. As a non-researcher, I found the Essentials of a Research Plan particularly helpful.

These are some of my favorite grant writing resources. What are some of yours?

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